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​FEAR IS A WEAK OPTION – Njobe Serge Ngala

Most of the times we saw something good or fruity in a difficult or far place, the first thing that happened to us was that fear discouraged us. A battle of two different voices started and the strong voice was often limited by fear to go towards the far and difficult. This is a very weak option. The story of success is often a difficult one except for those who have chosen the ‘live well but short’ option. I therefore challenge all of us who are afraid to start new things or continue from where we’ve been discouraged to continue; nobody thinks exactly like you and nobody reads your mind. Because nobody thinks exactly like you and nobody reads your mind, acknowledge the fact that you are in control of your wishes and wills and do the unexpected.

I think Martin Luther is still a hero today because he defeated fear and fought for the rights of even the unborn. Many anglophones in Cameroun have the opportunity to be documented as heroes but fear is beating them so badly. They see evil triumphing and they say nothing because they fear to be jailed and tortured. Nobody wants to die as if they know when they’ll die.

​HAVE CONFIDENCE – Njobe Serge Ngala

There are a lot of people who will like to step on your confidence based on their assumptions about who they think you are. No doubt many people have lost all hopes and they only think about the past. Several times we’ve been cautioned to believe in ourselves and remind ourselves of our rights and duties.

I became so frightened the day I attended my first lecture in the university. There were many students in class from different high schools living me with the impression that I can never do better than a majority of them. That was bad of me because I didn’t believe I could fulfil my potential. That’s lack of confidence. I wrote my first CA and scored 8/20 but that did not stop me from later scoring as much as 18.5/20 in other courses.

We must all fight and banish the ghost of low self-esteem installed in us by weak people. Nothing is impossible, we should only learn how to carry the loads so that they don’t break us down. In 2011, I told myself that the time for small thinking is over. Believe me, since then I’ve never gone backward. Let’s grow!


We’ve heard people say bad things about others because they’re short, tall, dark, fair, fat, thin and the rests. Some of these qualities especially the ones that come with negativity have harmed many hopes. Many people are not liked by their peers because of their body shapes and sizes. Nobody is his or her creator and nobody ever wished for his present size and shape before God created him. We’re all carrying bodies made by God in his OWN image and likeness[and for a purpose.] Your body is not as powerful as your brain. The body only suffers when the brain is not rationally used. I challenge every handicap or anybody with ‘abnormality’ to put his/her body and brain to full use. I guarantee you, you will do better than the ‘normal’ bodies. Remember, when you have all you don’t scramble. Short as Chidinma, you’ll be a music superstar. Dark as Kante, you’ll be a football superstar. 

The “Imaginary Emergency Plans” – Njobe Serge Ngala

Two years ago, one of my course facilitators said the so-called 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 Emergence dreams in most CEMAC countries is like a dress put on a blind man. He knows neither the colour of the dress nor what’s written on it. Who’s the blind man and who’s putting the dress on him? When you look at all the countries of the CEMAC zone, you’ll know that every future plan is a nightmare that can be disrupted by the least noise. Understood?

You can’t have young graduates on the streets everyday and you keep talking of an “emergency plan.”

I rather call it “imaginary plan.” See the way people are complaining because of unemployment and frustration! How do we therefore build a good future with people who are desperate and destitute?

Tabenken to the world: The reconstructed fon’s palace so far(photos).

These are fresh images from the Tabenken fon’s palace. It is hoped that the buildings which are still under construction will be available for us by the month of December this year.

From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe

From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed

Updated on 14 October 2017

I want to thank the Goverment of Cameroon for performing her duties and most importantly for these Development projects for Donga Mantung – H.E. Dr Fuh Calistus on 8th September 2017 at the Nkambe Community Hall.


Concerning the Development Package of the Government to our Division, I want to assure you that the development concerns of this Division are a priority in the development agenda of this nation.

I welcome all of you here today to this great gathering which is important in the history of our nation. I come to you here today with a three point-agenda. I want to assure you that I and other Elite of Donga Mantung do not spare a day to carry all your concerns to the Prime Minister, Head of Government and to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cameroon. That is why I come to you today with a specific three point agenda, as follows:

v An investment development package by the state to the people of Donga Mantung;

v The pursuit of an Industrialization Programme for our Division through the FAINAP Programme;

v The assessment of the state of our children to take the mantle from us as the future leaders of this nation; I mean the issue of resumption of schools for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Concerning the Development Package of the Government to our Division, I want to assure you that the development concerns of this Division are a priority in the development agenda of this nation. I can assure you that I am perfectly involved in the pursuit of the financing of the entire Ring Road which is worth over 200 billion CFAF. While waiting and in very high level negotiations with the African Development Bank as well as the Islamic Bank, the Government has in the main time offered a package to give the population of this Division a comfort zone. In this light, I am happy to announce to you the components of the 6 Billion Immediate Package put by the State:

1. Kumbo – Ndu – Nkambe – Misaje, about 3 billion francs. Under this package, this stretch of the Ring Road will be fully resurfaced in laterite with major drainage infrastructure. Difficult parts of the road will be tarred to facilitate movement. These include the section from Kumbo to the stretch in Ndu Town from the Fon’s Palace Junction to beyond the Council Check Point towards Mbiyeh; over 2km in Binka covering the bad spots right up to the Fon’s Palace road; bad spots at Binshua; over 2km covering the Bansobi Hill on the way to Misaje and the entrance to Misaje up to the junction to Wum.

2. Oku – Noni – Misaje, 800 million.

3. Misaje – Nigeria Frontier, 1.5 billion with tarring of some steep slopes.

Apart from the Ring Road, many other parts of the Division have the following road infrastructure:

– Mbot – Wat = 500 Million; Misaje

– Three Corners Tabenken – Binju = 500 Million;

– Tarring of 5 streets in Binju = 500 Million;

– Nkambe – Ako = about 800 Million;

– Construction of roads, bridges with Police and Gendarme Gates in Nwa = 1 Billion.

Other projects in the pipeline which should come up by 2018 are:

– 5 km of streets in Nkambe from CNPS to GBHS Nkambe;

– 5 km of streets in;

– Electricity in Tabenken.

All these come to add to the special privilege given to Donga Mantung in the LIFIDEP and GP-GERUDEP Projects. Of these, I can site amongst others, the Buku – Abafum Road, Mbiyeh – Ngarum – Taku – Ntundip – Luh and many health centres, schools, markets, cattle markets, veterinary and community centres.

On the second point concerning the industrialization of Donga Mantung, I want to inform and reassure you that the FAINAP Project is fully planted and will transform our Division forever. If Cameroon is Africa in miniature, I want to say Donga Mantung is Cameroon in miniature as we see in the forests of Ako, the Tea Estate of Ndu, the great Agro Basin of the Mbaw Plain, the vast pastoral lands of Misaje, just to name these few.

The contracts for the award of 40 Million in special motorbikes for FAINAP Representatives and a multi-tilling and planting tractor have been launched. In the next FAINAP Board Meeting in November, I am optimistic to present all these to you.

I am also happy to announce to you that MINEPAT will be approving an Agropole of close to 2 Billion for the palm oil sector under the FAINAP Programme. A team from MINEPAT will be visiting our Division in the next few weeks to finalize studies submitted by FAINAP. Permit me to take inspiration from the words of Leroy Hood: ‘’don’t underestimate the power of your vision to change the world. Whether the world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems.’’

On the third point concerning the assessment of the state of our children to take the mantle from us as the future leaders of this country I am here referring to the issue of resumption of schools for 2017/ 2018 academic year, I have this to say; Some issues concerning aspects of National life, particularly the Education and Legal sectors have been raised in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.the President of the Republic as guarantor of our Constitution, listened and acted and will continue bringing more solutions to the issues raised. No society is perfect whether it be in America, France, and Great Britain etc… Permit me again to recall the words of a famous American Civil Rights Campaigner; ‘’let’s bear in mind that Education is the Passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’’ This makes me think we ought to allow our kids shape their future, for we will not be there tomorrow when they face a future we have compromised.

I hereby call on the people of Donga Mantung to give the President the credit for the good work he has done so far and will always continue to do to make our country a better place to live. Today I have brought a development package and I promise more will come, because your Leader President Paul Biya is listening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Royal Highnesses, I want to thank all of you for coming here today and accepting that Donga Mantung works in a renewed hope of tolerance and greater expectations. I want to thank the Elite of this Division, wherever they are, for their unending struggle to make our Division attain the greatest from its potential. I however want to acknowledge the special presence or special contributions of the Elite who accompanied me as a development club for this division and especially for the organization of this event. I want to acknowledge the following Elite of our Division:

* Mr. Tamfu Simon, Geological Consultant and Former Director of Exploration, SNH;

* Mr. Talla Godlove, General Manager of BOFAS Construction Company;

* Mr. Adamu Musa, our own media icon who needs no introduction;

* Mr. Yerima Giyo, Civil Administrator and Director of Finance, University of Bamenda;

* Mr. Gbaka Ernest, Barrister Yaounde;

* Mr. Nforgwei Rogers International Book Publisher.

My special thanks to our own New Senior Divisional Officer for the quick response he gave to the organization of this meeting.

God bless Donga Mantung Division.

Long Live the Republic of Cameroon and its Illustrious Leader, H.E. President Paul Biya.

Courtesy of the speech: Abanda Marcel