Breaking: Hugo Broos Threatens To Resign

​Albert Njie Mbonde, CRTV sport reporter and former “Hello” anchor wrote this 7 hours ago in a Facebook Group known as HELLO CRTV:

“Breaking:Hugo Broos threatens to resign.After the shock 2-1 loss to Guinea,he reveals that the players almost missed their launch due to unpaid bills ath their Brussels hotel.Also reveals that some members of his afcon winning team are still unpaid.Decries poor working conditions and says he is contemplating on his future with the lions.”

Going by this report and knowing that Albert is an insider, one can say corruption in Cameroon is a matter of the heart. After joyfully touring the 10 Regions of Cameroon as the 2017 Africa Champions to meet the soccer lovers and fans of the Indomitable Lions with an exaggerated touring budget(800 Million FCFA according to my source), the players are still complaining of unpaid wages. Organisational lapses everywhere in my country!!!

Note should be taken that some previous reports had linked the Indomitable Lions coach Hugo Broos to securing a job as South Africa’s Bafana Bafana head coach.Though such reports are yet to convince Cameroonians that Broos is leaving, this incident is an indication that Mr Broos is not happy. 

Check out these comments to Albert’s post about Hugo Broos’ possible resignation  and the unpaid wages saga.


Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

A Masters 2 student, Université de Dschang. Blogger and radio anchor

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