FT Crystal Palace 3-0 Arsenal: Fans react!

A horrible night for Arsene Wenger and a furious night for Arsenal fans, these are some reactions to tonight’s demolition and humiliation of Arsenal FC by Crystal Palace.

 Jason McKenna

Any logical person can see that Wenger needs to go. Arsenal have consistently underperformed and bought badly for many years now, the only thing that has remained constant in that period: Wenger. Indeed the very definition of “Manager” is “a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff.” thus if the players are not performing for him, by the very defintion of his job title he is a failure. So to say the players might be letting him down is actually further adding to my argument as he is failing to control them, the job he is payed for. However I feel it is not the players fault, it is clearly the managers. He has bought badly, evidenced by buying Xhaka who is dreadful instead of one of the best midfielders in the world, N’golo Kante. Wenger no longer has the excuse of little funds as he has shown his coffers are very full with money he is happy to waste on unproven players. He continues to play outdated tactics, he is the laughing stock of the league as he is too cocky to admit his mistake and adapt, or he simply cannot. Both means he is bad for the job. Finally, and most important to this season, he has caused huge disharmony through the squad and fans by being beyond selfish. I used to really respect this man, however this season he has shown that he does not really care for the club, he cares only for his pride. He is playing a dangerous game of refusing to say wether or not he is comitted to a new contract which has caused the problems that are now happening this season. When there were rumours about Sir Alex Ferguson leaving Manchester United the club performed very bwdly that season, however when he indicated his choice for the future the results picked up. Wenger should have indicated early wether he wanted to continue or leave so that he did not cause this huge psychological block that the team is experiencing. So the players have very little responsibility when they are sent out with poor team mates, bad tactics and a worry about their future as Wenger has not informed them or us, the peopke who pay his wages, his intentions.

# WengerOut # NoNewContract

# SaveOurClub

Brinks Dollars

I’m a Arsenal fan but It ends tonight. We have a manager who thinks top 4 is trophy. I want to be happy and I’m jealous of Chelsea and Conte. Chelsea is the best team in London. Chelsea fans are happy and I want to be happy. So therefore I’m officially a Chelsea fan. Am I welcome Chelsea fans?

Darya Radi

Can’t wait for Arsenal fan TV… it will be very entertaining indeed.

Amit Anand

Forget talking about Arsenals misery for one second and focus on Crystal Palace deserving to stay in the PL. What a performance!

Steven Earl Barrett

This is a staff announcement can mesut Ozil please return to pitch.

Mohammed Zahid

Man Utd went from sixth to fifth without even playing.

Amit Anand

I am not a Arsenal fan but It still makes me feel sad, That I won’t be able to witness this 4 combination of Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in the champions league fixture ever again.

Mohammed Fahd

Finally, Manchester United with their referee’s and officials, needed Crystal palaces help to climb from 6th to 5th!! WORLD CLASS!!!

Andrew D Werē

To stop Arsenal is childishly simple. Cover the wings as the the midfield will play the fullbacks into these areas. If this fails and Arsenal’s fullbacks get to the corners, then pack your men into the centre of the box as the fullbacks will try to cut it inside into the middle. If you do this, you will stop Arsenal. It doesn’t matter who they’re playing against and it doesn’t matter what kind of striker they field, this is their only tactic.

Mustapha Hardeyshinorh Apena

Make sure you contact an Arsenal fan tonight to make sure he/she is okay. You might not know but you may be saving a life.

Aodesho Wardi

Matti Younadim Albron Younadim what’s it gonna take for them to get rid of Wenger bro. I bet after all of this. They still gonna give him a new contract extension.

Mathias W Malapuye

And manchester united fans can now have a breather….. At least for some days they will have to enjoy the 5th spot. And for the Arsenal fans and others who always think Liverpool take from the rich and give to the poor… You people are jokers because u can see that Crystal Palace have beaten Arsenal and Chelsea. And manchester united will be next.

Gordon Fingland

Wenger is the football equivalent to Paul McCartney in music.. sometimes you need to know when to stop.. Watching this Arsenal v Palace.. Elneny wouldn’t get a game at my local park..Arsenal boys look more interested in silly haircuts and neon fitba boots than playing baw!! I don’t get how you can go from Viera, Henry, Petit, Bergkamp, Overmars to Elneny, xhaka.. they’re mince! I know Wenger loves Arsenal but he has lost his magic touch..

Between that and the ridiculous wages for players that really don’t care if they lose because it’s not their club. I think any successful team needs a local player who will boost them, Liverpool had Gerrard & Carragher, Chelsea Lampard & Terry, Barcelona Puyol, Real Madrid Ramos, Man Utd take your pick from any one of the 7 of Ferguson’s class of 92.. guys that know what it means for family and friends who have to go to work and get it tight for ages, guys that run to the 94th minute if need be because there is an understanding of the repercussions..

that said Palace have played how they should have been playing all season against Chelsea & Arsenal.. (Everton fan btw)

Peter Pedro Johnston

That was disgusting. Yes, the linesman on our side was useless in the first half but it was the second half where we disintegrated, therefore it is no excuse. Managers performing to their standard such as Quiqe Flores keeping Watford up, or Ranieri doing the job he was brought in to do, lose their jobs while managers who perform miles below their standard like Wenger can keep going. 

Jobe Batherz Seboloko

The problem with your team is playing too many unnecessary passes in front of the opponent’s box,they always want to score perfect goals and at the end they lose or draw despite good ball possession. It’s rare to find an Arsenal player shooting at goal from a distance. In short Arsenal is too casual, too lazy and too inconsistent to win trophies.

HeuHau Langel

If Arsenal is really serious about winning PL and CL, it’s time they look for a better Manager. I’m not denying Wenger did a fine job in the past, but things have changed now. The stakes are higher. If they are content with winning FA Cup or just qualify for CL, I guess they can still keep him.

Ebuka Patrick

When i saw this firstly, i was like my eyes are lieing against me not until i stood up, only then that i knew my eyes were completely showing me what i cant imagined happening. Infact with this result, Wenger should be given an exit door this door. His analysis are all deterioted.


Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

A Masters 2 student, Université de Dschang. Blogger and radio anchor

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