Operation 500,000 laptops for University Students in Cameroon: A hopeful step for students of the University of Dschang begins with the publication of lists of eligible students(photos)

The University of Dschang main way in.

Eight months after it was announced that each University student in Cameroon will take home a laptop computer thanks to what is termed Operation one student, one computer, many critics still say that the issue of laptops was a scam with political motives. Almost eight months gone, many students have been yielding to such assertions by critics. The reason here is that the laptops were meant for the 2016/2017 academic year which is about three months to it’s end. Some had even said that each student will be required to present his/her voter’s card before given a laptop.

Njobe Serge of Njobe’s Blog to confirm the information

However, the University of Dschang through its various faculties(now called Schools) have this Friday morning published a long list of students who are eligible for the much awaited laptops. Though it’s not certain when the laptops will meet students of the University, some class delegates have said that after the publication of the lists, eligible students will have to copy their matriculation numbers and the code attached to each student’s name and take it to the computer centre of the faculty concerned. At the computer centre, the students will be registered and given serial numbers which will have to be deposited in their respective faculties for onward transmission. The process may seem long but one thing is for sure; we’ll sooner or later have the laptops.

A very curious student checking his name

Below are photos of students of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences scrambling to verify if their names are on the lists.


Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

A Masters 2 student, Université de Dschang. Blogger and radio anchor

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