A woman manhandled in Bemenda after marching with the ‘NO TO GHOST TOWN’ T-shirt.(images)

Monday morning, images emerged from Bamenda showing men and women marching with white t-shirts labeled ‘No To Ghost Town’ allegedly voicing out their hatred for ghost towns that have been going on in the town and other parts of the NW and SW regions for months now.

As critics will put it, it’s been said that these are people manipulated to present a false image of the effectiveness of ghost towns or kontri Sunday as it’s now called. This reporter does not know who were behind the controversial march, but these images speak for themselves. 

Anti ghost town protesters in Bamenda

The woman in the the photos below paid the price for joining the group of protesters. Reports from Bamenda say her shirt was destroyed at Foncha Junction, Bamenda.

Woman wearing ‘NO TO GHOST TOWN’ t-shirt
Woman running for safety after being manhandled
Destroyed ‘NO TO GHOST TOWN’ t-shirt

Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

A Masters 2 student, Université de Dschang. Blogger and radio anchor

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