As from December 20, 2017: Bfu Bfu takes over Tabenken Village

Part of the reconstructed Tabenken Fon’s Palace

From December 20, 2017 all roads roads lead to Tabenken, Nkambe Central sub division in the North West as we, its Sons and Daughters begin celeberating the disappearance of our Queen Ma Ya Ndapkwi.

This celebration is called Bfu Bfu in our native Limbum language. It is the highest honours that can be paid to royalty following their disappearance. Bfu bfu is a unique opportunity during the entire wimbum culture is celebrated at its best. For you who have heard of the famous Kisheh and Neh of Tabenken among others, this is the opportunity to discover for yourself the richness of the Wimbum culture as incarnated by Tabenken. It is worth recalling that prior to this celebration, Sons and Daughters of Tabenken both at home and abroad together with sympathizers mobilised themselves like never before and reconstructed their Fon’s palace to the tune of over 60 million cfa francs.

Welcome to join us in Tangboh, the valley of life, the epicentre of Wimbum culture. By Ngala Gerard


Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

Doctorate in Political Science. Blogger and radio anchor

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