Africa Today: No Water, No Electricity, Just Traffic.

It’s been said that for those who love, time is eternity. In the same direction, truth to me is eternity. Against many people’s wishes, I’ve written and I still write about the dangers caused by the epileptic African governments who do nothing but ruin destinies of young, energetic and ambitious youths. Ask yourself if between human beings and vehicles which one deserves more love and care? The answer will definitely vary considering the fact that some people still love things more than human beings. The human beings I’m referring to here are voters who through their votes, some other human beings have gained positions in high places. At least 50% of normal Members of Parliament(MPs) in my country own three vehicles but at least 50% of voters do not have access to clean water and reliable electricity, not to mention good food. This justifies the title of this post.

Normally, people will not leave food in their countries to look for the same food in hostile foreign lands, but because of the nature of availability and distribution of resources in Africa, some people are leaving and dying while others stay and lavish. There are uncountable graveyards in Africa as a result of saying fundamental truths. Journalists are arrested and others are assassinated for exposing governments hyperbolic spendings on less important or non existing things.

African youths are frustrated and such frustration related feelings amongst African youths have in one way or the other contributed massively to secessionist attempts, terrorist affiliations and genocides. What’s life when you can’t feed yourself, when you can’t pay your children’s food bills and school fees, when you can’t dress well and you can’t have a say in the way your country is runned and ruined by selfish politicians?

A spoon-fed of what politicians have done in your area is enough evidence that most politicians are eradicating meritocracy and replacing it with something whose foundation and base is not supposed to have a place in God’s created world that envisages happiness, glory, selflessness, and above all, love.

In Africa today as it may be the case in other parts of the world, when there is a problem and you complain, you’re ignored. You’re brutalised when you protest. You continue protesting, they bribe you. You refuse, they arrest you. Then there are the hoity-toity government officials who behave as if nothing is wrong until the day they’re are fired by their bosses and they seem to be awake from a century long sleep. The real African problems are found in the rapid increase in alcohol consumption, accidents, assassinations, capital flight, inflation, immorality, inertia, unemployment and the exploitation of African natural resources by foreign bodies. Yet, bald head with grey beards men and shameless women(MPs) keep talking about State budgets with the various Presidencies having the greatest shares of the state budgets. I strongly believe that these people are slowly caught in their own traps.

State Ministers have failed to deliver clean water and good drugs to their fellow citizens yet their audits are always clean and balanced. So many ‘audited’ reports without infractions yet a common man hardly enjoys the fruits of the state budget. You don’t need to watch a Nollywood movie to know how state budgets are squandered by people who don’t care about your tomorrow.

In my country, Cameroon, contracts to construct roads and classrooms are abandoned; rarely questioned and hardly explained to a common man. From recession in Nigeria, I’m sure we are moving to great depression. If not, what is the already adopted 2018 Cameroon state budget doing to address hunger and unemployment in Cameroon?


Author: Njobe Serge Ngala

Doctorate in Political Science. Blogger and radio anchor

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