FASHION is the language we’re speaking. LOL

The way we dress sometimes say who we are. Though this is not universally applicable, some guys are not fashionable while others are too fashionable. This guy who’s picture I picked from Facebook, is one of a kind; his style is unique. 

Don for quart

Such a guy is rare to find. In my village Tabenken, such guys drink volumes of shaa and do serious waist movement when the Bar music unit entertains them with the hot songs of Petit Pays, Kotto Bass, Lapiro de Mbanga, Prince Eyango and others.           

This is the real nigga

She only sells cola nuts.

It’s improper to make mockery of businessmen these days talk less of laughing at them. These days, the economy is not good and people do odd jobs to survive. Some engage in very risky but fruitless businesses.

A stunning cola nuts seller

This woman’s case is different; not a kind of risk bearer and her body does not reflect her business product. She’s stunning like Nicki Minaj and if she must  do business, I’ll suggest that she sells gold. Please if you meet such a woman anywhere selling cola nuts, arrest her for me; I’m single and searching. 

Just for fun. Hahaha