PBHEV Challenge: From PBHEV laptops to PBHEV T-shirts.

Photo credit: Boris Bertolt

Cameroonians are becoming more and more ingenious. Above are t-shirts designed with the PBHEV logo days after Cameroonians were shocked by the disgraceful properties of the PBHEV laptops notably the 28.5 GB hard drives that were later explained by Roger Atsa Etoundi as 32 GB in the old technology equals 500 GB in the new technology.


Trending on social media: 32GB = 500GB

500000 laptops, Roger Atsa Etoundi,

Few days after Roger Atsa Etoundi of the computer department of Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) said in an interview that a 32GB capacity hard drive in the old technology equals 500GB in the new technology, (of 500000 laptops still to be fully distributed to students) Cameroonians have taken to the social media to agree with this assertion through mathematical formulas. Check out some of the calculations below.

12 Selfies with unexpected backgrounds(1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 will shock you)

People are tired of giving their phones to friends, neighbours and relatives to snap them. People have secrets and people sometimes feel better when they are alone with their smartphones. Selfie is the respond.But before snapping and maybe posting, check your background and make your caption accurate. 

Check the photos below and pass the judgement.