PBHEV laptops in use

The guy in the attached photo is using the laptop to play his video game while waiting for the law that will punish students who use the lightweight laptops for anything out of the school syllabus. I know most students will use the laptops to watch music videos, movies, and to play music. Many will use the laptops to play games and very few will use them to download, treat and read documents.


BREAKING NEWS: Hon. Wirba Joseph promises a book he’s written titled Wirba Force…

About an hour ago, Hon. Wirba Joseph of the Jakiri Constituency wrote on Facebook: My people, Have been silent for a bit. That’s the Wirba you know. I don’t talk to impress, l talk to improve ! Needed the quiet moment after 6 months in exile to think and take the WirbaForce to a new playground ! My people we have a book coming! Welcome the WirbaForce chapters ! ….take the struggle the WirbaForce way to a new playground. – JW
 Some people predicted that he wanted to announce his new agenda for his already cherished reaction to the “Anglophone Problem” in Cameroon. 

But Hon. Wirba went further to announce a new book he’s written. He wrote this about twenty minutes ago on his Facebook page: My dear Southern Cameroonians, let’s take this to all corners of the internet, spread the word using hashtags #WirbaforceChapters #WirbaForce . Anyone with a post of the book cover page and hashtags that gets the highest number of shares and comments has a BIG surprise coming their way. Let’s go …….

Let’s wait for the content of the book.

PBHEV Challenge: From PBHEV laptops to PBHEV T-shirts.

Photo credit: Boris Bertolt

Cameroonians are becoming more and more ingenious. Above are t-shirts designed with the PBHEV logo days after Cameroonians were shocked by the disgraceful properties of the PBHEV laptops notably the 28.5 GB hard drives that were later explained by Roger Atsa Etoundi as 32 GB in the old technology equals 500 GB in the new technology.

500000 Laptops Saga: Another Scam and Sabotage or the Emergence Technology in Cameroon?

I watched the outspoken Honourable Martin Oyono of the South Region say on Equinoxe TV that some bigwigs of the CPDM party who by ‘nature’ are members of government are sabotaging President Paul Biya. He went further to say that these crooked bigwigs are dishonest but closest to Paul Biya such that honest and outspoken people like him(Martin Oyono) are often considered enemies of the regime for saying what they’re saying. Throughout the almost 90 minutes interview, he called at peace Charles Ateba “mon frère Charles Ateba” and regretted the fact that Charles Ateba is no more to see what he predicted more than five years ago. 

Martin Oyono, MP for Ocean Division, South Region
If not punished, then CONAC and the Judiciary bench is sabotaging President Paul Biya. If President Paul Biya hails the parties concerned, then he’s ridiculed and sabotaged his own personality. Let’s wait for his end of year address to the nation on 31 December.
Jacques Fame Ndongo, MINESUP boss with a laptop from the first batch of laptops

Trending on social media: 32GB = 500GB

500000 laptops, Roger Atsa Etoundi,

Few days after Roger Atsa Etoundi of the computer department of Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) said in an interview that a 32GB capacity hard drive in the old technology equals 500GB in the new technology, (of 500000 laptops still to be fully distributed to students) Cameroonians have taken to the social media to agree with this assertion through mathematical formulas. Check out some of the calculations below.

​Takem Wamba Ronik, runaway gendarme shooter arrested in Soa, Yaoundé.

This is Takem Wamba Ronik arrested very early today 26 December 2017 in Soa, Yaoundé who has been on the run for shooting his colleague, his girlfriend and neighbour in douala two days ago. He’s a gendarme officer who’s act once more brings to light the criminal and even terrorist nature of some red cap men in Cameroon.