The world today: There are more fake prophets than dirty politicians – Njobe Serge Ngala

Give me a politician and a “prophet” today and I’ll choose a politician. Some of these self proclaimed “men of God” are disrespecting God’s commandments by normalising falsities and misguiding many people. Politicians promise what they sometimes give but some of these people who are publicising “heavenly riches” cannot give you what God cannot give you. I’ve observed with pain the derailment of mentalities from normal to abnormal believes; if Jesus Christ comes back to the world today, many Christians will reject him if their pastors/prophets/apostles/evangelists ask them to do so. It’s rather unfortunate that today, a greater majority of preachers don’t talk about heaven; they rather talk about money, big houses, big cars, private jets, and all sorts of earthly luxuries that in my own understanding of scriptural teachings will instead divert our attention from love, equality and modesty. Even when they choose to talk about heaven, they talk in a way that the take home message will be that, the more you give gifts to your church leader, the more God will bless you and so too will be your relationship with heaven.

Young boys and girls have enrolled in Universities and are not passing their exams because their churches are developing new network marketing strategies that will bring more costumers/clients/souls/christians to their churches and consequently make the church officers to be rich and send their followers to the deadly deserts to go and search for green pastures. When you complain, they promise to deliver you from the hands of the devil and they sometimes threaten to curse you. The polite ones will use Biblical references to say “touch not by anointed and do my prophet no harm.” It’s pathetic to know that a woman who cannot feed her little daughter is paying huge sums of money to the church so as to be “blessed” by God. I tell my friends that if I choose to be a retualist today because I want to give the so-called 10% of my wealth to the Church, the clergy of my Church will certainly “bless” me with 10% of holy/anointing water of his Church. False prophecies here and there, fake miracles here and there, rich pastors and poor christians here and there, yet people are not learning their lessons. God is watching! Watch out!