Kengong Johnson Bang, the highly gallant football promoter with a vision for Nkambe.

Kengong Johnson Bang, President of Bang Bullet FC Nkambe.

Kengong Johnson Bang aka Bang Bullet, owner of Bang Bullet FC is the man to deliver the goods.

He’s currently constructing football fields in Nkambe( for the male and female categories of Bang Bullet FC) , he’s said to soon establish a football academy in Nkambe and I’m reliably informed that his team has a new bigger team bus in the pipeline, that which most of you will see not long from now.

My take: I think that if Bang Bullet FC is well supported both financially and morally and the football club joins the Elite 1 category in the countries championship, the long awaited tarring of the Nkambe stretch of the deplorable ring road can be a reality thanks to the Nkambe team.

Nkambe people have done great things supporting the team but my little worry is that some people still try to watch football matches through the fence because they don’t want to pay 500 FCFA and enter each time Bang Bullet FC is playing at the Nkambe Municipal Stadium.

Football organisations have the ability to pressurise slumber governments.


Cameroon University Games 2017: The presentation of the trophies to the athletes of the University of Dschang(see photos)

The presentation of trophies to the athletes of the University of Dschang in the following fields;Basketball and Men’s Handball, Women’s Judo.

The University of Douala wins the 20th edition of the University Games, Bamenda 2017.

The University of Dschang occupies the 6th place. See full classification below