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Tabenken to the world: The reconstructed fon’s palace so far(photos).

These are fresh images from the Tabenken fon’s palace. It is hoped that the buildings which are still under construction will be available for us by the month of December this year.

From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe

From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
From left to right: General coordinator Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerard and Chris Njowe
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed
Ceiling being fixed

Updated on 14 October 2017

Anglophone Crisis: What coincidence

Many people have talked and written about the ‘anglophone crisis’ that has for closed to ten months now been topping news headlines in the country. 

Students of St Rita’s College Nkambe pictured by Njobe Serge at 2:09 PM going to school on 16/08/2017.
My comment: The 2017 results of exams organised by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board is a true reflection of employment rates in Cameroon. Statistics from the board have it that , 38000 candidates registered the GCE advanced level, 33037 candidates sat for the exams and 11670 passed, recording a percentage passed of 35.52%. The results witnessed a drastic drop compared to 2016 were some 46000 candidates registered and 43000 sat the exams and 29000 passed giving a percentage passed of 66.52%. I have only used statistics for the GCE Advanced Level because this level produces some scholars to the job market. When you look at these statistics and compare them to the number of candidates who apply for jobs in Cameroon or those who write public exams in Cameroon, you see similarities in their results. Why am I bringing up this argument? Many people want children to go back to school but they’re not thinking of those who have graduated from higher education institutions and are still loitering around doing odd jobs like selling SIM cards, selling bitter cola, ridding commercial motorcycles and others that have almost nothing to do with knowledge acquired from colleges. This is therefore a clear indication that people are going to schools and people are graduating from schools with certificates that cannot put food on their tables.

The other argument raised by people who want children to go back to school is that, children will end up going into drugs, unwanted pregnancies, theft and other immoralities. This argument falls between legality and legitimacy. I say so because we’ve also seen too many graduates who are masters of the above cited immortalities as a result of idleness. Where are the jobs?

What should we therefore do? Let’s open the job market that has been closed by ageing and unproductive so called elites. OMG, CRTV is calling back “veteran journalists” at a time when young graduates from schools and departments of journalism have no jobs.

D’Banj Announces New Album Release Date and Tracklist

D’banj features in CNN African’s voices (CNN)

The time lag seems to be over. D’Banj aka Koko Master has finally unveiled the official track-list and release date for his long over-due album titled ‘King Don Come ‘. Note should be taken the album which was due for release on the 7th of July suddenly went faint without any formal notification from D’Banj. Fans were disappointed and some bloggers wished D’banj had chosen something (like business) rather than music which they claimed he’s not been up to his best in recent years.

When D’Banj dropped two tracks off this album, I enjoyed and appreciated ‘It’s Not A Lie’ ft. Harrysong & Wande Coal. The other track was ‘Be With You‘, which were meant to serve as appetizers for the album(according to tooxclusive.com).

The King Don Come album is now rescheduled to drop on the 25th of August.

The official tracklist was unveiled yesterday evening by the Koko Master himself.

Check the tracklist below.