Eseka Train Crash Inquiry Published: Some Blames, No punishments but donation of money to victims.

Seven months after the terrible Eseka train derailment, the government of Cameroon has finally established its much awaited report about the accident. CAMRAIL has been entirely blamed for the accident and also, the President of Cameroon has donated the sum of FCFA to victims of the accident.

EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Julius Tata Nfor is now a PhD holder. He’s the first anglophone to defend a PhD thesis in the Department of Geography, University of Dschang. Congratulations Dr Julius Tata Nfor!

12 May 2017 is a special day in the life and educational career of Mr Julius Tata Nfor, a native of Bondu-Tabenken.

Julius Tata Nfor seated as he defends his PhD thesis

He’s defended his PhD thesis in the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, University of Dschang. Closed to 400 pages of work titled: Climate Variability And Water Resource Management By Pastoralists In The Nkambe Plateau Of North West Cameroon: Constraints, Adaptations And Prospects.

Julius Tata Nfor‘s defense had Prof. Kuete Martin(UDS)  and Dr. Achankeng Eric(Uba) as supervisors, Prof. Bring Christophe(UNdéré) and Prof. Lambi Cornelius(UB) as members of Jury and Prof. Tsalefack Maurice(UDS) as the President of the Jury. The defense lasted from 2:57pm to 5:54pm at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Law and Political Science.

It’s worthy to know that Julius Tata Nfor(now Dr. Julius Tata Nfor) is the first anglophone to defend a PhD thesis in the Department of Geography, University of Dschang since it’s creation in 1993. You’ll accept with me if you know him that, Julius Tata Nfor aka JT is a very hardworking man. I stayed with him during my first and second years here in Dschang and I know when he reads.

Without dwelling much on the content of his work, Dr Julius Tata Nfor is that man we can put our weight behind; he’s got a good knowledge of the environment of Nkambe and the increasing environmental threats that have closed to a decade now been identified as a top level worldwide problem.

Dr Julius Tata Nfor is in the right position to deal with the current farmer-grazier related problems and the recent hijack of farmers lands in the North West region of Cameroon by the so called wealthy elites.

Following suggestions, critics and corrections made by the jury, the final document is expected to witness some modifications. 

He’s been awarded Mansion Très Honorable.

We’ll one day celebrate Professor Julius Tata Nfor.

Congratulations sir!

You’re an inspiration for struggling anglophones in Dschang, Africa and the world.

Bondu Oyeeeeeee.

Tabenken oyeeeeeeeee.

  • UDS: University of Dschang
  • UNdéré: University of Ngaoundere
  • UB: University of Buea
  • UBa: University of Bamenda

Some photos from the ceremony

    Njobe Serge Ngala: Why I celebrate Don Jazzy everyday

    May 8, 2017,Nigeria’s highly celebrated and top music label,Mavin Records (aka the Supreme Mavin Dynasty ), clocked 5. It’s no news that I am a Mavin fan and a Don Jazzy addict. SMD founder, Oga Don Jazzy celebrated the day with his fans when he said: Mavin is 5 today. We wanna say a big thank you to y’all for the support and prayers through the years. You guys have been amazing and we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. GOD bless us all.

    Oga Don Jazzy
    Mavin Records, home to superstar singers, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, Iyanya, Reekado Banks, Di’Ja, Korede Bello, D’Prince, Poe, DNA and Johhny Drille, have successfully over the years released irresistible all stars songs amongst which are the famous Dorobucci, Looku Looku, Adaobi, Jantamanta, Arise and others.

    Looku Looku


    I like all the mavins(as the label acts are called) but Don Jazzy’s case is different. He’s a man from the moon. He’s produced hits upon hits. The first heard the name Don Jazzy about 10 years ago in Dbanj’s Fall in Love (produced by Don Jazzy). Back then, his name did not mean anything to me until another Dbanj jam Mr Endowed surfaced and I watched Don Jazzy killing and burying the beats.

    I hope you know Tiwa Savage’s Eminado and Without my heart?  They were both produced by Don Jazzy.

    Don Jazzy has a kind heart, good hands, and a vibrant voice. His heart is gold, his hands are gifts and his voice is music. Don Jazzy could have been flawless he was amongst Jesus’ 12 Apostles.


    Don Jazzy is shy! Yes, he’s admitted it on several occasions. I don’t see anything bad in being shy. Shy people do great things when they’re alone. I’m shy and I do all my things the way many people appreciate.

    Don Jazzy is still alone (not married). I still see nothing wrong with that. Many Millionaires if not married will be Billionaires. I bet you. Jazzy has been recently classified 4th Africa and 1st Nigeria richest artist by FORBES.


    ​BREAKING NEWS: 80 Kidnapped Chibok Girls Freed By Boko Haram

    SaharaReporters has exclusively obtained information the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, has released a batch of ore than 80 of the Chibok high school girls who were abducted in mid-April 2014. A top military source just broke to the news to Sahara reporters.

    According to the source, the release of the 80 abducted school girls came after further negotiations between the Islamist group and the Muhammadu administration. The source he was not in a position to disclose the terms of an agreement that led to today’s mass release of the Chibok school girls.

    Our source revealed that that the 82 girls who just regained their freedom are currently in Banki town in Borno state awaiting airlift to an unknown destination.

    The source added that once the girls are secured in a new location they would be debriefed, undergo a psycological and medical test and then be reunited with their families.