The stadium of Light: Time to sack David Moyes?

Being a football fan, we sometimes dislike those who oppose our favourite teams and vice versa. I don’t know any Sunderland FC fan but I think it’s time to face facts. 

Sunderland FC, now placed 20th on the English Premier League Classification Table have recorded very poor results this season.After surviving relegation last season, David Moyes took over the team on 23 July 2016 certainly as a messaih. 

David Moyes, Sunderland FC manager

Has he been the messaih?                            David  Moyes recorded one of his finest managing moments during his 11 years stay as Everton FC manger(11 March 2002 to May 2013). Since then he’s recorded very embarrassing moments in his coaching career. 

David Moyes took over from the much celebrated Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager only to be sacked on 22 April 2014 for poor results. Appointed in the La Liga side Real Sociedad on 10 April 2014 and sacked on 9 November 2015 due to poor start to the season, Moyes managed to get a managing job at the Stadium of Light on 23 July 2016.

Does he deserve a sack at Sunderland?    In my opinion, David Moyes is a failure at Sunderland. Going by these statistics, any football fan will see something wrong with his stay at the stadium of Light.                                                        

  • Matches Played: 29
  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 19
  • Goals conceded: 51
  • 20 points on the 20th spot 

Leicester City may just make matters worse for Sunderland in their tonight’s mid week game at the King Power Stadium.

    Sack David Moyes! 

    Other premier league mangers with relative good results have been sacked since the start of the season notably;

    1. Mike Phelan of Hull City
    2. Alan Pardew of Crystal Palace
    3. Bob Bradley of Swansea City
    4. Claudio Ranieri of Leicester City(The Leicester boss was removed from his position just months after beating odds of 5,000/1 and lifting the Premier League trophy with the Foxes.)
    5. Aitor Karanka of Middlesbrough      

    The month of mangoes(May) is coming

    When it’s May, it’s mangoes. There is usually enough fruits after meals in places such as Ndop and many other areas in Cameroon.                                                            

    Honey eat plenty of fruits, they are important. Lol
    As we therefore wait for the Month of May, I will like to caution everyone of us to abstain from consuming fruits during this month of April so as to avoid overdose next month. You can call it fruits fasting. 

    A word for the baby

    I sometimes think like a fool. I used to ask myself if a breastfeeding mother feels the same when her baby is sucking breast milk as when a man is doing a similar exercise in bed. When I came across this picture, I wanted to see the woman’s face. I wanted to even feel her breathe.

    This baby seems to come from a different world; a world where there is the freedom to pull tits and make them elastic. What’s the baby doing with the phone?

    FASHION is the language we’re speaking. LOL

    The way we dress sometimes say who we are. Though this is not universally applicable, some guys are not fashionable while others are too fashionable. This guy who’s picture I picked from Facebook, is one of a kind; his style is unique. 

    Don for quart

    Such a guy is rare to find. In my village Tabenken, such guys drink volumes of shaa and do serious waist movement when the Bar music unit entertains them with the hot songs of Petit Pays, Kotto Bass, Lapiro de Mbanga, Prince Eyango and others.           

    This is the real nigga

    José Mourinho’s Manchester United FC deserves an award after too many Premier League draws

    England’s most valuable football club Manchester United FC have had fairly good results this season with the coming in of the Portuguese expert coach José Mourinho aka The Special One.

    José Mourinho, the Special One
    Last season, many Manchester United fans complained of boring football. They said the players were slow and less entertaining. After winning last season’s FA Cup and finishing 5th on the English Premier League Classification Table, Louis Van Gaal was sacked as Manchester United Manager and replaced by José Mourinho.

    LVG, Man Utd Manager 2015/2016
    At the end of last season, LVG’s results were not as bad as the boring football. He won the FA Cup, and in the Premier League he had the following results;

    • Matches Played: 38
    • Wins: 19
    • Losses: 10
    • Draws: 9
    • Hit woodwork: 9
    • Big chances missed: 28

    Mourinho is not Van Gaal so his story should be different as well. Mourinho has long been known as the Special One owing to his brilliant records as Chelsea FC Manager( though it ended in a fiasco). Manchester United are more familiar with draws than boring football this season. Mourinho did good business by bringing to Old Trafford big names such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba just to name a few. 

    I’m a Manchester United fan and I can no longer withstand the criticisms from friends and mates who know I’m a Utd fan. They call us draw masters and call Mourinho draw specialist. They are not wrong.

    Njobe Serge, Man Utd fan.
    After today’s draw with West Brom, I decided to write down my disappointment. Check out this Manchester United draws run from 2 October 2016 to 1 April 2017.

    1. Man Utd 1-1 Stoke City 2/10/16
    2. Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd 17/10/16
    3. Man Utd 0-0 Burnley    29/10/16
    4. Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal      19/11/16
    5. Man Utd 1-1 West Ham 27/11/16
    6. Everton 1-1 Man Utd      4/12/16
    7. Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool   15/01/17
    8. Stoke City 1-1 Man Utd  21/01/17
    9. Man Utd 0-0 Hull City   1/02/17
    10. Man Utd 1-1 Bournemouth 4/03/17
    11.  Man Utd 0-0 West Brom  1/04/17

    WONDERFUL RECORD! Eleven draws already. Congratulations José Mourinho

    José Mourinho, draw specialist

    Mourinho has however suffered injustice. I call it injustice because his team had enough chances to convert most of these draws to wins. 


    • Wins: 14
    • Losses: 3
    • Draws: 11
    • Hit woodwork: 16
    • Big chances missed: 40

    For ever Manchester Utd fan

    She only sells cola nuts.

    It’s improper to make mockery of businessmen these days talk less of laughing at them. These days, the economy is not good and people do odd jobs to survive. Some engage in very risky but fruitless businesses.

    A stunning cola nuts seller

    This woman’s case is different; not a kind of risk bearer and her body does not reflect her business product. She’s stunning like Nicki Minaj and if she must  do business, I’ll suggest that she sells gold. Please if you meet such a woman anywhere selling cola nuts, arrest her for me; I’m single and searching. 

    Just for fun. Hahaha

    Breaking: Hugo Broos Threatens To Resign

    ​Albert Njie Mbonde, CRTV sport reporter and former “Hello” anchor wrote this 7 hours ago in a Facebook Group known as HELLO CRTV:

    “Breaking:Hugo Broos threatens to resign.After the shock 2-1 loss to Guinea,he reveals that the players almost missed their launch due to unpaid bills ath their Brussels hotel.Also reveals that some members of his afcon winning team are still unpaid.Decries poor working conditions and says he is contemplating on his future with the lions.”

    Going by this report and knowing that Albert is an insider, one can say corruption in Cameroon is a matter of the heart. After joyfully touring the 10 Regions of Cameroon as the 2017 Africa Champions to meet the soccer lovers and fans of the Indomitable Lions with an exaggerated touring budget(800 Million FCFA according to my source), the players are still complaining of unpaid wages. Organisational lapses everywhere in my country!!!

    Note should be taken that some previous reports had linked the Indomitable Lions coach Hugo Broos to securing a job as South Africa’s Bafana Bafana head coach.Though such reports are yet to convince Cameroonians that Broos is leaving, this incident is an indication that Mr Broos is not happy. 

    Check out these comments to Albert’s post about Hugo Broos’ possible resignation  and the unpaid wages saga.