12 Selfies with unexpected backgrounds(1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 will shock you)

People are tired of giving their phones to friends, neighbours and relatives to snap them. People have secrets and people sometimes feel better when they are alone with their smartphones. Selfie is the respond.But before snapping and maybe posting, check your background and make your caption accurate. 

Check the photos below and pass the judgement.



Poverty ends where positive thinking starts – Njobe Serge Ngala

Njobe Serge Ngala

You don’t have to hate someone simply because he loves you now that you’re rich.
When you’re poor, you talk like a bad drum. People say you’re loud and noisy.

When a poor man cries, people see blood and run away from it.

When a poor man sweats, he sweats like a pig.

A poor man talks and people say he has bad breathe.

Some rich men also fall under the above criteria, but people don’t talk about. Even if people talk about, they talk in a comic, entertaining, harmless and often acceptable manner.

When you therefore look at individuals and organisations or groups, you notice that there are lazy,unfortunate and poor people. There are also hardworking, fortunate and rich people. There is another group which seems to come from a different universe; people you find in this group are lazy but rich, hardworking but poor. This group is the heart of confusion, hatred, murder, witchcraft, poverty etc. In this group people are robbed of their pride and riches and consequently exposed to danger and false accusations. It’s difficult to live well when you’re robbed and exposed; life becomes so difficult and vulnerable to odds. This is when falsehood and envy comes in. Many people are yet to understand why life on earth is almost divided into two parts(which are not often equal).

I’ve tried to think positively but at times I dream negatively and each time I try to blend the two, I see all my tough lucks.

We have a lot to explore if we use our senses well. I used to say that if I have to thank God for creating me, I will thank him double for making me male; today the story has changed. I thank God for giving me the much desired patience to follow the confidential but sometimes slow path to success. I’ll one day be a difficult person to see, asses and understand. I’m writing these things today because I still feel that I’m better understood through my writings. I wonder if there is anyone here who sees or hears me more one hour a day if not my course mates and one neighbour.

When we witness the success of others around us, we often fail to realize the setbacks and struggles that they had to overcome to get to where they are. But as those who have scaled the heights will tell you, the road to achievement is often paved with failures, and with pain. What separates those who ultimately succeed from those who don’t is not the frequency or even importance of these failures; it is the ability to find insights in those obstacles, to heed those hard lessons with humility, and to harness those moments of adversity to help you develop the wisdom and resilience that will propel you forward on the journey to your dreams.

It’s time you learned to embrace the gifts of adversity , and remembered that every setback brings you closer to your goals.

Just like appearance is not all that real, I never lose, I either win or learn.

I’m up to something great. Don’t abandon me.

I dedicate this writeup to you all who’s dreams have be affected by negativity. It’s not gone yet.

I also dedicate this to my friends and former classmates who for one reason or the other have not been able to explore and expose their individual talents. The world will never know you till the day you start doing something great even in minor areas with minor groups. I still remember how we used to feel each others presence and representation during break and while preparing to write our exams. I also know for sure that some of you who were pushed out of rail back then because of beauty and people’s wealths are adjusting today. Some have said it’s the end of their dreams because they have not been quite fortunate to show the world what’s in them. I still remember that throughout my academic career till date, I have never been of bad influence to you. I’ve never been the best, because I’m still pursuing the best(I pray God I one day find it).

I’ve been allergic to voice calls of recent but I do well in communicating my thoughts and concerns through messages.

Greetings to you Nsah Pascal , Desmond Nformi , Lambip Beltus , Tarla Afanyu , Budi Dieudonne , Nfor Derick, Ngenge Ransom Tanyu, Jackson Wawa Nfor, Elexine Bongabi , Jacenta Manyu , Nde Marionkate ,

Deco Eliasoz , Njem Elias, Njem Abang,

Martha Bongfen , Ajong Charles , Agbor Blessing, Gwendy G Engwari, Cyndybanks Ndille , Yvonne Atuh , Brent Atum Tamuton , Ivinet Atum , Marie Solange Takum, Cybecko Cyrus , Takum Stanislaus and others.

I’m not a saint, I have many weaknesses. Happy weekend from your friend Njobe Serge Ngala .

D’Banj Announces New Album Release Date and Tracklist

D’banj features in CNN African’s voices (CNN)

The time lag seems to be over. D’Banj aka Koko Master has finally unveiled the official track-list and release date for his long over-due album titled ‘King Don Come ‘. Note should be taken the album which was due for release on the 7th of July suddenly went faint without any formal notification from D’Banj. Fans were disappointed and some bloggers wished D’banj had chosen something (like business) rather than music which they claimed he’s not been up to his best in recent years.

When D’Banj dropped two tracks off this album, I enjoyed and appreciated ‘It’s Not A Lie’ ft. Harrysong & Wande Coal. The other track was ‘Be With You‘, which were meant to serve as appetizers for the album(according to tooxclusive.com).

The King Don Come album is now rescheduled to drop on the 25th of August.

The official tracklist was unveiled yesterday evening by the Koko Master himself.

Check the tracklist below.

University of Buea students spotted with ‘Ekema fraud’ banners as new VC is installed.

Few days after confidential documents released by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board proved that the Mayor of Buea Council, Ekema Patrick Esunge is not a holder of neither GCE Ordinary Level nor GCE Advanced Level(contrary to his claims to GCE Ordinary and GCE Advanced Level certificates), students of the Buea University(where Ekema furthered his college education and obtained his 1st Degree and Masters Degree) today urged the government through banners to look into the case of Ekema’s fake certificates. This they say will go a long way to bring back the “pride of Buea.”

It should be recalled that going by the ongoing saga, Ekema Patrick was admitted at the University of Buea without having fulfilled the basic admittion requirement(at least two Advanced level subjects in one sitting excluding Religious Studies). You can read about his fake certificates in my previous post.