​Peace in Cameroon is a hoax – Njobe Serge Ngala

Paul Biya, President of Cameroon 1982-2018

Peace in Cameroon is a hoax perpetrated by those who don’t care about the future of this nation. There’s no peace in Cameroon; a greater percentage of youths are jobless and desperate, the ‘made in Cameroon’ everything is dead, most politicians have left the deceit houses and they now manifest fraud and lies madly. Some youths are dying and they don’t even know why they’re dying. Life has given them no better option than ‘do and die.’ I therefore say that Cameroon will only know peace when Paul Biya dies and his regime confused and destroyed. Whoever replaces him will initiate dialogue with anglophone activists and surely, Cameroon will know peace. I feel sorry for any Cameroonian who has died before Paul Biya.


A country for the old: Time to endorse a ‘Non Retirement Day’ in Cameroon? – Njobe Serge Ngala

Why is it that the Cameroon youth is dying(for justice and for hardship) while the old people are appointed, sacked, reappointed, and eternalized.


When the list of the pioneer members of the Constitutional Council was made public yesterday, I checked Regional equality(in terms of anglophone and francophone Regions), and I also checked ages. It’s high time we celebrate ‘Non Retirement Day‘ in Cameroon.

Descending order: Paul Biya(President of Cameroon), Marcel Niat N.(President of Senate), and Clement Atangana(President of the Constitutional Council) and some youths who have lost their lives recently.
Youth Day‘ celebrated every 11 February in Cameroon is a no day as far as I’m concerned. A Cameroon youth is a hopeless and neglected youth. No doubt the greats of old were saying politics is not for children and women. The Constitutional Council head, Clement Atangana is 77 and he was integrated into the Civil Service in 1968(according to Boris Bertolt).

The simple arithmetic has it that he became a civil servant at 27 and so consequently worked for 50 years before his recent appointment. This is not good and it’s not normal in a country where University graduates are helplessly selling SIM cards, cleaning and decorating nails, teaching in nursery schools, working in construction sites from 8 am to 6 pm for 2000 FCFA and the rests. Let justice, not hypocrisy kill me. I know and I say today that if there was no passport and VISA procedure to travel from one country to the other, the population of Cameroon will move from 22 million to at most 5 million amongst which 4 million are aged 50 and above then 1 million infants. Almost every Cameroonian youth dreams to leave Cameroon soonest if possible. 

There’s Always A Reason To Move On – Njobe Serge Ngala

Njobe Serge Ngala, NJOBE’S BLOG

Sometimes we fall to the extent that either we or other people around us think we cannot stand again. Also, because of the difficulties we’re facing, we cry and regret for a long time. For how long are we going to mourn when we still have many days to make things happen for our good?

If we cry for two hours in a day, then we still have twenty two hours to stop our pain and convince ourselves that crying will not bring joy to our lives. If we fail in one, two, three or even ten things, we still have as much as a hundred things we can succeed in. I’m saying all these things to make people who have cried and failed to know that, there’s always a reason to move on. Has it not been said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Let’s stand firm, identify our failing desires and actors, and know how to transform our failing moments to inspirational moments. When I read from 1 AM to 6 AM and still fail a course in school, I prepare for resit well by reading for at least sixteen hours in a day. Nsai Gilbert, Asongalem Neville and many others can testify to this. There’s always a reason to move on, because greater is that which is ahead.

The world today: There are more fake prophets than dirty politicians – Njobe Serge Ngala

Give me a politician and a “prophet” today and I’ll choose a politician. Some of these self proclaimed “men of God” are disrespecting God’s commandments by normalising falsities and misguiding many people. Politicians promise what they sometimes give but some of these people who are publicising “heavenly riches” cannot give you what God cannot give you. I’ve observed with pain the derailment of mentalities from normal to abnormal believes; if Jesus Christ comes back to the world today, many Christians will reject him if their pastors/prophets/apostles/evangelists ask them to do so. It’s rather unfortunate that today, a greater majority of preachers don’t talk about heaven; they rather talk about money, big houses, big cars, private jets, and all sorts of earthly luxuries that in my own understanding of scriptural teachings will instead divert our attention from love, equality and modesty. Even when they choose to talk about heaven, they talk in a way that the take home message will be that, the more you give gifts to your church leader, the more God will bless you and so too will be your relationship with heaven.

Young boys and girls have enrolled in Universities and are not passing their exams because their churches are developing new network marketing strategies that will bring more costumers/clients/souls/christians to their churches and consequently make the church officers to be rich and send their followers to the deadly deserts to go and search for green pastures. When you complain, they promise to deliver you from the hands of the devil and they sometimes threaten to curse you. The polite ones will use Biblical references to say “touch not by anointed and do my prophet no harm.” It’s pathetic to know that a woman who cannot feed her little daughter is paying huge sums of money to the church so as to be “blessed” by God. I tell my friends that if I choose to be a retualist today because I want to give the so-called 10% of my wealth to the Church, the clergy of my Church will certainly “bless” me with 10% of holy/anointing water of his Church. False prophecies here and there, fake miracles here and there, rich pastors and poor christians here and there, yet people are not learning their lessons. God is watching! Watch out!

PBHEV laptops: I am disappointed – Njobe Serge Ngala


When this issue of 500000 laptops was announced, I was so elated that while in Tabenken for holidays I contacted most of my classmates and friends to pass on the information. Deceived or not, I knew these were going to be laptops of this generation. With President Paul Biya’s name at the forefront of the project, I thought fear of going to prison will stop some of his creatures from embezzling funds borrowed and allocated for the laptops. I talk or at least think about these laptops everyday. Despite the fact that the announcement was made in 2016, some bloggers predicted that the laptops had a lot to do with the election year(2018) in Cameroon. But because I only believe what I choose to believe, I rather chose to follow what was done and not said about the laptops. I was following developments on the laptops via MINESUP Cameroun’s Facebook page until 22 September 2017 when I saw Roger Atsa Etoundi(who recently likened 32GB hard drive to 500GB hard drive) post pictures of the conceptual framework of the laptops. 

The Sino-Cameroon inspection team (6 Cameroonians )

To me, it was late but still acceptable. Again, the MINESUP boss said the laptops will be distributed by the end of the month of November 2017. He later said December till June 2018.
The distribution of the first batch of the laptops that arrived in Yaounde last week started in the university of Yaoundé 1 yesterday, Cameroonians were able to know the properties of the PBHEV laptops. Amongst other complains was the fact that the laptops only had 28.5 GB of hard drive which is relatively very small. I went straight to my phone’s web browser to do some research about the laptops. I visited http://www.verbatim-europe.co.uk/, http://www.storagereview.comhttp://www.pcmag.com and other websites; my results are that we’ve once more been taken for fools. If the football stadium that is being constructed in the name of President Paul Biya is anything to go by, then AFCON 2019 will be played in our clouds or in a different country. I’m sure vice-chancellors of Universities are already writing ‘thank you messages’ to the President of the Republic to be displayed by students. We’re living in a ridiculous country; if the world is to end today, it will start from Yaoundé.

​FEAR IS A WEAK OPTION – Njobe Serge Ngala

Most of the times we saw something good or fruity in a difficult or far place, the first thing that happened to us was that fear discouraged us. A battle of two different voices started and the strong voice was often limited by fear to go towards the far and difficult. This is a very weak option. The story of success is often a difficult one except for those who have chosen the ‘live well but short’ option. I therefore challenge all of us who are afraid to start new things or continue from where we’ve been discouraged to continue; nobody thinks exactly like you and nobody reads your mind. Because nobody thinks exactly like you and nobody reads your mind, acknowledge the fact that you are in control of your wishes and wills and do the unexpected.

I think Martin Luther is still a hero today because he defeated fear and fought for the rights of even the unborn. Many anglophones in Cameroun have the opportunity to be documented as heroes but fear is beating them so badly. They see evil triumphing and they say nothing because they fear to be jailed and tortured. Nobody wants to die as if they know when they’ll die.

​HAVE CONFIDENCE – Njobe Serge Ngala

There are a lot of people who will like to step on your confidence based on their assumptions about who they think you are. No doubt many people have lost all hopes and they only think about the past. Several times we’ve been cautioned to believe in ourselves and remind ourselves of our rights and duties.

I became so frightened the day I attended my first lecture in the university. There were many students in class from different high schools living me with the impression that I can never do better than a majority of them. That was bad of me because I didn’t believe I could fulfil my potential. That’s lack of confidence. I wrote my first CA and scored 8/20 but that did not stop me from later scoring as much as 18.5/20 in other courses.

We must all fight and banish the ghost of low self-esteem installed in us by weak people. Nothing is impossible, we should only learn how to carry the loads so that they don’t break us down. In 2011, I told myself that the time for small thinking is over. Believe me, since then I’ve never gone backward. Let’s grow!